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    • Lauren Feldman

      BioSpace (September 8, 2023) AstraZeneca Signs AI-Powered Drug Discovery Pact with Verge

      AstraZeneca, through its rare disease division Alexion, has entered into a multi-target agreement with Verge Genomics to discover and develop drugs against novel targets in rare neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases, the companies announced Friday.


      Fierce Pharma (September 7, 2023) J&J dumps high-dose Opsumit trial upon failure in rare type of pulmonary hypertension

      J&J’s Janssen has decided to stop a phase 3 trial for a 75-mg dose of macitentan in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH). The company pulled the plug after an independent data monitoring committee performed an interim analysis and figured the trial wouldn’t succeed.


      Interesting Engineering (September 7, 2023) The future of medicine could lie in organoid research

      In this article, the author explores the promise of organoids and take a look at some recent advances and insights from Dr. Nicolas Daviaud, who is working at the forefront of this field at the Tisch MS Research Center of New York. 



      Five Belgian companies and research centers are collaborating as part of the AstroCardia project to 3D print an artificial heart and circulatory system which will be sent to space. The ‘heart-on-a-chip’ is being developed by Space Application Services, SCK CEN, QbD Group, BIO INX and Antleron, and will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2025. 


      BioWorld (September 5, 2023) GBC 2023: In generative AI era, collaboration key for drug discovery

      Rapidly evolving artificial intelligence (AI) is effectively resetting all biopharmaceutical companies to the figurative starting line, and collaboration is a key strategy to winning the drug discovery race, an AI-based startup founder said at the Global Bio Conference (GBC) 2023.


      BioWorld MedTech (September 4, 2023) Faster than light drug discovery: Superluminal launches with $33M seed round

      The startup, which closed a $33 million seed round led by RA Capital Management, is combining a biology-focused approach with a generative AI platform it says has the potential to create candidate-ready compounds in a matter of months, with its initial sights set on G protein-coupled receptor targets. 


      MedicalExpress (September 4, 2023) Modeling the potential of kidney disease with an integrated organoid omics map

      In a new report in Nature Communications, Martiz Lassé and a team of scientists in medicine and kidney health, in Denmark, Germany, and the U.S., defined the organoid proteome and their transcriptome trajectories during culture, and upon exposure to the tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα); a cytokine stressor.


      Inside Precision Medicine (August 30, 2023) Immune-Infiltrated Kidney Tissue Model Aids Study of T Cell Bispecific Antibodies

      A multi-center research effort has created an immune-infiltrated kidney tissue model that can be used to study on-target, off-tumor effects of T cell bispecific antibodies (TCBs) and potentially other immunotherapies. TCBs are an emerging class of drugs that attach to tumor cells with one end and attract immune cells with the other end to force them to kill tumor cells. The new research was published recently in PNAS.

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