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    • Lauren Feldman

      News Medical & Life Sciences (September 29, 2023) Bioengineered human stomach micro-physiological system reveals unseen defense mechanisms

      A groundbreaking development in biomedical engineering has led to the creation of a human stomach micro-physiological system (hsMPS), representing a significant leap forward in understanding and treating various gastrointestinal diseases, including stomach cancer. The research team, led by Professor Tae-Eun Park from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNIST and Professor Seong-Ho Kong from Seoul National University Hospital, has successfully developed a biomimetic chip that combines organoid and organ-on-a-chip technologies to simulate the complex defense mechanisms of the human gastric mucosa.


      Technology Networks Cell Science (September 29, 2023) Novel Human Stomach Microphysiological System Created

      Same as above.


      Advanced Science News (September 28, 2023) First ever human-based model for opioid overdose and recovery

      A model based on human stem cell–derived neurons is allowing researchers to understand opioid-induced respiratory failure to improve overdose treatment.


      Technology Networks Drug Discovery (September 27, 2023) How Body-on-a-Chip Tech Is Transforming Research With Professor Donald Ingber

      Ask Me Anything session in which Don answers questions about Body-on-a-Chip and Organ-on-a-Chip technology.


      BioSpace (September 27, 2023) Microbot Medical Engages CRO to Support its Upcoming U.S. Pivotal Clinical Trial

      Microbot Medical Inc., the developer of the LIBERTY® Robotic Surgical System, the first single-use endovascular robotic system, announced today its partnership with a Contract Research Organization (CRO) in the U.S. This is an additional step in the preparations to the commencement of the Company’s planned upcoming clinical trial. 


      Pharmaceutical Technology (September 27, 2023) Galecto downsizes by 70% following Phase II trial failure

      Galecto has fired 70% of its workforce and is considering a whole list of strategic alternatives a month after announcing the failure of a trial with its lead drug. In August, the company’s lead candidate, GB0139, failed to meet its primary endpoint in the Phase II trial (NCT03832946) for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). 


      Forbes (September 27, 2023) What If The AI-Hype Were Applied to One Of Humanity’s Greatest Challenges: Our Health? (full text below)

      Contributor Maren Thomas Bannon speaks with experts in healthcare, including investors, providers and industry leaders, about some of the opportunities and risks they foresee in applying AI to healthcare.


      MedCityNews (September 25, 2023) Novo Nordisk Turns to Flagship’s Valo Health for AI-Driven Cardio Drug R&D

      Novo Nordisk is paying Valo Health $60 million up front to gain three preclinical cardiovascular disease programs. Milestone payments for those programs and others covered under the artificial intelligence drug discovery pact could reach up to $2.7 billion.


      Medical Design (September 25, 2023) 3D-printed ventricles made from fiber-infused gel ink mimic heartbeats

      Researchers have found a way to use fiber-infused ink to 3D-print a functional heart ventricle that mimics the beating of a human heart. The team included researchers from Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. They reported on their new hydrogel ink infused with gelatin fibers in a paper published in Nature Materials. This fiber-infused gel (FIG) ink allows heart muscle cells printed in the shape of a ventricle to align, beating in coordination like a human heart chamber.


      My Science (September 26, 2023) Cardiff spinout outgrows incubator

      In December 2022 Cellesce was acquired by Molecular Devices – one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance bioanalytical measurement systems, software and consumables for life science research. With staff numbers having doubled since the acquisition, Cellesce is now set to move into custom-built lab facilities in the Welsh capital.



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