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Top Industry News: October 21 – 27

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    • Lauren Feldman

      Medgadget (October 26, 2023)   Microfluidic System Incorporates Eight Organ Tissues for Drug Testing

      Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a sophisticated microfluidic system that incorporates tissue from up to eight different organ systems. The technology is unprecedented in allowing researchers to study complex interactions between different organs during disease. Moreover, it also allows for more comprehensive drug testing that investigates the effects of drug candidates on multiple organ systems at once. Called Lattice, the system is a significant advancement over pre-existing in vitro systems, which typically only allow researchers to study two organ tissues at once. The entire system fits into a space the size of a child’s shoebox, and can be connected to a computer to control how nutrient-rich media flows into and out of each organ system. 


      Pharmaceutical Technology (October 25, 2023) AxoSim acquires microBrain technology to build neurological drug pipeline

      AxoSim has acquired the microBrain drug discovery technology platform from StemoniX, a subsidiary of Vyant Bio to develop drugs for neurological disorders. Apart from the drug discovery platform, the acquisition also included a research, development, and manufacturing facility near Minneapolis, US, nine patents for the technology, and the associated intellectual property (IP). Furthermore, the StemoniX staff who were working on microBrain technology will also transfer to AxoSim.


      Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (October 25, 2023) AI-Created Antibodies Drive Innovation at BigHat Biosciences

      Among a slew of emerging artificial intelligence biotech companies, BigHat has the potential to transform how next-generation antibodies are designed, developed, and perform as therapeutic agents.


      CSIRO (October 23, 2023) Building a future for non-animal models

      Q&A with Greg Williams, CSIRO Futures’ Health and Biosecurity lead and one of the authors of the recently-released CSIRO report titled Non-animal models: A strategy maturing Australia’s medical product development capabilities. The report assesses the potential of non-animal models to complement or replace traditional animal models over the next 15 years. report. The discussion explores the steps required to accelerate the demonstration, scaling, and commercial success of non-animal models in Australia.

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