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Top Industry News: November 21 — December 2

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    • Lauren Feldman

      One Green Planet (December 1, 2022) Petition: Tell the UK to Enforce Animal Protection and Animal Testing Laws Properly

      A new report found a widespread problem of non-compliance in Great Britain when it comes to animal testing and animal protection laws. The stories of avoidable deaths are heartbreaking and shocking. Article contains a link to sign a petition to demand the Home Office properly enforce animal protection and animal testing laws.

      Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (December 2, 2022) 3D Organoid Model Developed for Gastroesophageal Junction Cancer

      Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine and colleagues say they have created a lab-grown organoid model that is derived from human tissue and designed to advance understanding about how early stages of cancer develop at the gastroesophageal junction (GEJ). The team, which published its study “Generation and multiomic profiling of a TP53/CDKN2A double-knockout gastroesophageal junction organoid model” in Science Translational Medicine, notes that their work also reveals a possible biological target for treating GEJ cancers with a drug that the researchers have already shown can slow down or stop growth of such tumors in mice.

      The Hindu (November 24, 2022) What is ethical animal research? A scientist and veterinarian explain

      An explanation of what counts as “ethical” animal research by scientists who support ethical animal research that reduces suffering of humans and animals alike by helping researchers discover the causes of disease and how to treat it. One is a neuroscientist who studies behavioral treatments and medications for people with post-traumatic stress disorder – treatments made possible by research with dogs and rodents. The other is a veterinarian who cares for laboratory animals in research studies and trains researchers on how to interact with their subjects.


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