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Top Industry News: May 8-12, 2023

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    • Lauren Feldman

      BBC (May 10, 2023) Animal tests for makeup ingredients allowed

      The government has allowed animal testing for makeup ingredients to resume despite a 25-year ban. It changed a policy on animal testing to align with EU chemical rules, according to a High Court ruling. Animal testing for makeup or its ingredients had been completely banned in the UK since 1998. But in 2020 the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), an EU agency which oversees chemical regulation, ruled that companies needed to test some ingredients used in cosmetics on animals to ensure they were safe for workers manufacturing the ingredients.


      A Humane World (May 9, 2023) Maryland becomes first state to require animal testing labs to contribute money to non-animal research

      Maryland has a groundbreaking new tool to help the state transition away from animal experiments. This week, Gov. Wes Moore signed HB 626/SB 560 into law, making Maryland the first state to require that animal laboratories contribute to a research fund that will be used to provide grants for scientists developing non-animal research alternatives.


      Bloomberg (May 9, 2023) AI Drug Discovery Is a $50 Billion Opportunity for Big Pharma

      Finding a potential blockbuster medicine typically takes years of extensive analysis in the laboratory, with teams of researchers methodically sifting through data and test results to unearth a promising candidate. But when Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. bought an experimental psoriasis drug for $4 billion from a Boston startup in February, it gained a compound selected in only six months by using artificial intelligence. In coming months, the drug—picked out of thousands of potential molecules through AI and machine learning algorithms—will progress to the final stages of clinical trials. If successful, it could become one of the first therapies discovered with the help of AI. Analysts at Jefferies estimate it could generate as much as 500 billion yen ($3.7 billion) in annual sales. 


      Pharmaphorum (May 11, 2023) The future of biomedical research is animal-free

      As a scientist focused on tangible data and results, contributor Samantha Dale Strasser admits it’s easy to be skeptical about the impact of legislative acts: the path from Congress to the lab is long and winding. However, despite the subtle change and lack of immediate impact on patients, she believes the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 is anything but inconsequential, thinking, in truth, that it may be the spark needed to ignite the next era of animal-free drug discovery.


      The Guardian (May 6, 2023) High court rejects claim UK government ‘secretly’ ditched animal testing ban

      Cruelty Free International (CFI) brought legal action against the Home Office, accusing it of leaving the public “in blissful ignorance” that the department’s longstanding policy apparently changed after February 2019. In a ruling on Friday, Mr Justice Linden dismissed the organisation’s challenge. The judge said it was “regrettable” the government did not publicly announce a change in policy and accepted it was a “matter of concern” that “inaccurate” operational guidance was available on the internet.

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