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Top Industry News: May 29-June 2, 2023

Home Forums *News Top Industry News: May 29-June 2, 2023

    • Lauren Feldman

      News Medical Life Sciences (June 2, 2023) MatTek and AIM Biotech Partner on Advanced 3D Tissue Culture Organ-on-a-Chip Systems

      MatTek Life Sciences and AIM Biotech announced a strategic partnership through which the AIM Biotech portfolio will be available for sale through MatTek. Over the last thirty years, MatTek has become the leader in the advanced cell culture space and is continually working to broaden its portfolio of products and services. The partnership with AIM Biotech allows MatTek to provide an ever more comprehensive suite of products and services to its clients and customers.


      Phys.org (May 31, 2023) New 3D stretchable electronics can advance organ-on-chip technology

      Flexible electronic nanomembranes show promise for revolutionary organ-on-chip technologies, potentially reducing the need for animal testing in medical research. Engineers from UNSW Sydney have discovered a way to create flexible electronic systems on ultra-thin skin-like materials. The development allows entire stretchable 3D structures to operate like a semiconductor and could help significantly reduce the need for animal testing by making so-called organ-on-chip technology more effective.


      News Medical Life Sciences (May 30, 2023) Using generative AI to accelerate the drug development process

      While it can take years for the pharmaceutical industry to create medicines capable of treating or curing human disease, a new study suggests that using generative artificial intelligence could vastly accelerate the drug-development process. Because sifting through millions of potential chemical reactions can be an extremely challenging and time-consuming endeavor, researchers at The Ohio State University have created an AI framework called G2Retro to automatically generate reactions for any given molecule. The new study showed that compared to current manual-planning methods, the framework was able to cover an enormous range of possible chemical reactions as well as accurately and quickly discern which reactions might work best to create a given drug molecule.


      A Humane World (May 26, 2023) Alternatives to animal experiments are shaping the future of science

      The advanced non-animal technologies currently in use and development are based on human biology. Human cells, tissues and organs, 3D bioprinting, robotics, computer models and other cutting-edge technologies are far more sophisticated and, compared to animal experiments, can more accurately and effectively predict how people will respond to drugs, chemicals, and treatments. Pioneering technologies like these are already revolutionizing human health. But inadequate funding, slow processes for validation and regulatory acceptance, and decisions by research funding bodies to continue supporting irrelevant animal models are limiting how quickly they are able to supplant animal experiments. The Human Society is urging state and federal governments, regulatory agencies (such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health), companies and universities to drastically increase the use of non-animal methods and investments in the development of new human-based, non-animal approaches. The millions of animals needlessly suffering in laboratories right now cannot wait. Urge the FDA to prioritize a shift toward more accurate non-animal test methods.

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