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Top Industry News: May 22-26, 2023

Home Forums *News Top Industry News: May 22-26, 2023

    • Lauren Feldman

      Technology Networks (May 25, 2023) Applying AI Across All Stages of Drug Development

      Technology Networks speaks with Dr. Yuan Wang, head of research analytics at UCB, to discover how AI is being applied through all stages of drug development, from drug design to clinical trials, with the goal of making a real difference to patients’ lives.


      Technology Networks (May 24, 2023) Drug Delivery System for Chronic Diseases Created Using AI

      Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have used artificial intelligence models and machine-learning algorithms to successfully predict which components of amino acids that make up therapeutic proteins are most likely to safely deliver therapeutic drugs to animal eye cells.


      Fox Business (May 24, 2023) AI is already speeding up drug development and reducing animal testing

      Developing life-saving medicine takes a lot of time, money and testing. But one company’s artificial intelligence-driven technology provides a way to slash all three while saving the lives of more humans and animals. VeriSIM Life has developed “digital twins” of various human body types and different animals and uses machine intelligence to test how pharmaceuticals would impact real-life subjects before even going to clinical trials.

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