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Top Industry News: March 27-31, 2023

Home Forums *News Top Industry News: March 27-31, 2023

    • Lauren Feldman

      STAT (March 29, 2023) Shortage of monkeys for early-stage research jeopardizes timelines for developing some drugs

      A growing shortage of monkeys used for early-stage pharmaceutical research is causing concern that many companies will soon face costly delays starting clinical trials — leading to a slowdown in drug development.


      STAT (March 27, 2023) Bernie Sanders’ accidentally great drug pricing idea

      When Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel was called before a Senate committee last week to defend his company’s decision to raise the price of its Covid vaccine, things went largely as one would expect. Progressives tried to pin the Moderna billionaire down as a symbol of corporate greed. Mitt Romney delivered a paean to the free market. And Bancel tried — and succeeded — at not being too quotable, showing what appeared to be a newfound restraint. It was all pretty standard until Sen. Bernie Sanders, the committee’s chair, managed to stump the biotech billionaire. What, Sanders asked, if instead of purchasing medicines after they had been developed at high prices, the government instead paid for companies’ research, enough to ensure they make a reasonable profit?

      ABC 27 News (March 28, 2023) Beagles at Pa. Capitol advocate for animal testing ban

      Dozens of beagles were at the Pennsylvania Capitol on Tuesday as part of a movement to prevent testing on dogs and cats.

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