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    • Lauren Feldman

      Science News (August 3, 2023)  Enhanced tumor modeling using Laponite bioinks for 3D bioprinting

      Scientists have developed a nanoengineered bioink with improved bonding and cross-linking capabilities for 3D bioprinted tumor models. These capabilities are enabled by the addition of Laponite, highly charged, disk-shaped nanoparticles which enhance and retain the biological signaling that occurs in the tumor microenvironment so that more accurate tumor models can be created for study and anti-tumor drug development.


      NeurobiologyLive (August 3, 2023) The Promise of Gene Therapies for the Management of Parkinson Disease

      The director of the Movement Disorders Center at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, a part of Baylor Scott & White Health, discussed the current state of treatment for Parkinson disease and gene therapy as a promising treatment for the management of the disease. [WATCH TIME: 5 minutes]


      ScienceDaily (August 1, 2023) Organoids revolutionize research on respiratory infections

      In a breakthrough for bioengineering, researchers have developed organoids that can model the human respiratory tract. The organoids, called AirGels, allow them to uncover the mechanism by which antibiotic-resistant pathogens like Pseudomonas aeruginosa infect the respiratory tract.


      STAT (July 31, 2023) Gene therapy is in crisis. For nine hours, the field’s leading minds looked for a solution

      Jennifer Puck has successfully treated 10 children with a gene therapy for a fatal disorder that decimates their immune system. But she has no idea how to get her drug approved and frankly is running out of ideas. The problem is simple: Size. Puck’s therapy is for a disease, Artemis-SCID, that affects just two to three new U.S. patients every year — far too few for a company to generate a profit, or to even run the kind of studies regulators usually demand before approving drugs. She is far from alone. 


      MedCityNews  (July, 31, 2023)  4 Ways Biopharma Is Applying AI/ML to Improve Drug Development Outcomes

      A look at just a few of the ways AI/ML is being applied to drug development.


      Vox (July 30, 2023) What can caged lab monkeys tell us about free human beings?

      “Scientists know that the tight confinement of standard laboratory cages distorts the psychology and physiology of our animal subjects. Yet despite a half-century of evidence, we continue to cage them as if their biology is baked into their genetics. From decades of rodent studies, scientists know that an animal’s brain anatomy and physiology are highly vulnerable to even modest changes in their living environments. Mice housed in standard cages, rather than slightly larger ones furnished with blocks and tunnels for mental stimulation, are more susceptible to drug abuse, genetic modifications, and toxic chemicals. Monkeys, nearly our next of kin, can become so mentally deranged by their cage environments that they no longer resemble healthy humans. They might have more in common with children housed in Romanian orphanages in the 1980s and 1990s, who were so deprived of human contact that they still struggle with lifelong physiological and psychological disabilities. Can we use mentally damaged animals to model mental health?”


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