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    • Lauren Feldman

      TechCrunch (July 13, 2023) Causaly, an AI platform for drug discovery and biomedical research, raises $60M 

      Artificial intelligence has been a big theme in the world of health and medical research, and specifically in the area of drug discovery. Today, another hopeful in the space is announcing a funding round to expand its own contribution to the field. Causaly, a London startup that has built an AI platform to help researchers accelerate the development and testing of drugs, has raised $60 million, a Series B that will be going toward R&D and to continue building out its team.


      <span data-contrast=”auto”>CNBC (July 12, 2023) </span>Nvidia invests $50 million in biotech company Recursion for A.I. drug discovery 

      Chipmaker Nvidia will invest $50 million in Recursion Pharmaceuticals to speed up the development of the biotech firm’s artificial intelligence models for drug discovery, the companies said Wednesday.


      <span data-contrast=”auto”>CBC (July 8, 2023)</span> Why Canada’s ban on cosmetic testing on animals only applies to new products  

      When asked about an outright ban on all products that were historically tested on animals, Praznik said it doesn’t make sense to retest them when they’ve been used by humans for decades. “The law requires that you be able to demonstrate safety. You’ve got 10, 20 years of human use safety data. So that really is your justification, because [the products have] been in [the] market,” said Praznik. “You can’t go back [on] what was done 30 years ago.”


      Drug Target Review (July 6, 2023) Exploring alternatives to animal testing in drug discovery

      The use of animal studies in drug development has become a growing ethical concern, particularly given the high failure rate of clinical trials, which can reach up to 90 percent. This article highlights non-animal models that could expedite the drug delivery process from bench to bedside.


      <span data-contrast=”auto”>CNN (July 2, 2023) </span>Canada has officially banned testing cosmetics on animals

      Canada has moved to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals, joining a number of other countries and American states to outlaw the practice. The Canadian government announced the decision in a Tuesday news release. Bill C-47 amends the Food and Drugs Act to ban both the testing of cosmetic products on animals and the sale of products relying on animal testing data, according to the news release. Canada will join the ranks of the European Union, Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Korea, which have all moved to ban cosmetic testing on animals, according to the release.

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