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    • Lauren Feldman

      The Guardian (December 7, 2023) $20,000 monkeys: inside the booming illicit trade for lab animals

      A lucrative underground trade risks undermining research, creating new pandemics and pushing a recently abundant species to the brink.


      Reuters (December 6, 2023) Merck KGaA suffers major blow as MS drug fails in late-stage trials

      Merck KGaA’s (MRCG.DE) experimental multiple sclerosis (MS) drug missed the primary goal in highly anticipated late-stage trials, dealing a major blow to the German company’s growth ambitions and hitting its shares.


      Popular Science (December 5, 2023) These 10 scientists are on the cusp of changing the world

      These researchers already stand out as innovators and change makers in their fields. They are asking the unasked questions, adopting novel methods, and pursuing remedies where none exist. Whether they are driven by the desire to fill a need, the pursuit of justice, or sheer fascination, there’s little doubt that each of these awardees will change the world for the better. From more equitable AI to self-assembling lab organs to potential new laws of physics, the groundbreaking work of these up-and-coming researchers offers us a sneak peek at the cutting-edge science of tomorrow.


      News-Medical (December 5, 2023) Organoid model unveils secrets of the brain’s dopaminergic system

      A new organoid model of the dopaminergic system sheds lights on its intricate functionality and potential implications for Parkinson’s disease. The model, developed by the group of Jürgen Knoblich at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, replicates the dopaminergic system’s structure, connectivity, and functionality. The study, published on December 5 in Nature Methods, also uncovers the enduring effects of chronic cocaine exposure on the dopaminergic circuit, even after withdrawal.


      Endpoints News (December 4, 2023) UCSF scientists aim to unravel autism with brain organoids and AI

      A new study from scientists at the University of California, San Francisco, combines proteomics experiments and AI-powered simulations to identify more than 1,700 interactions between proteins implicated in autism and how genetic mutations found in people with autism impact those protein-protein interactions.


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