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Top Industry News: April 3-14, 2023

Home Forums *News Top Industry News: April 3-14, 2023

    • Lauren Feldman

      Interesting Engineering (April 12, 2023) Lab-grown mini organs promise quick vaccine testing with fewer animal trials

      In a newly published study, a team of researchers proposes a novel vaccine screening method that uses lab-grown miniature organs to quickly test new vaccines without involving a significant number of animal models.

      News Medical Life Sciences (April 12, 2023) New organoid platform could make vaccine screening quicker and greatly reduce animal testing

      Developing and testing new treatments or vaccines for humans almost always requires animal trials, but these experiments can sometimes take years to complete and can raise ethical concerns about the animals’ treatment. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Central Science have developed a new testing platform that encapsulates B cells -; some of the most important components of the immune system -; into miniature “organoids” to make vaccine screening quicker and greatly reduce the number of animals needed.

      The Guardian (April 11, 2023) Australian scientists grow replica human lungs and call for end to animal testing

      Later in April, Chrzanowski and his colleagues will have published a paper in the peer-reviewed journal Biomaterials Research about a technology that goes even further than bio-printing.

      They have successfully grown replica human lungs in their laboratory at the University of Sydney Nano Institute, where Chrzanowski is now deputy director. Their scientific paper even includes instructions on how to grow them.

      The Humane Society of the United States (April 11, 2023) Maryland’s legislative session shows continued commitment to animal welfare

      As the 2023 legislative session rings to a close, animal advocates in Maryland will have a lot to celebrate. During this session the state became the first in the nation to make a dedicated investment in alternatives to animal research (SB560/HB626).

      Med Device Online (April 10, 2023) Organ-On-Chip Devices Show Promise In Drug Discovery

      There is growing interest in the potential uses for organ-on-chip devices as a novel tool for drug discovery. These devices offer a unique platform that mimics the physiology and function of human organs, providing a more accurate representation of human biology than traditional cell culture systems.

      Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (April 5, 2023) Wyss’s Lab-on-a-Molecule Drug Discovery Platform Gets Boost from Northpond Labs

      The “Lab-on-a-Molecule” team at the Wyss Institute is using DNA nanoswitch technology to develop an in vitro, high-throughput, platform to identify compounds for drug discovery. The nanoswitch is a nanoscale tool that can identify molecular interactions with a change of shape of DNA (i.e., from linear to a loop.) This shape change can be harnessed to identify molecules that not only bind target proteins with relevance to diseases but functionally affect their interactions with other proteins. 

      News Medical Life Sciences (April 7 2023) Ingenious device enables construction of complex 3D organoids in a simpler way

      A team led by Masaya Hagiwara of RIKEN national science institute in Japan has developed an ingenious device, using layers of hydrogels in a cube-like structure, that allows researchers to construct complex 3D organoids without using elaborate techniques. 

      Drug Discovery News (April 7, 2023) Animal testing might go, but not today

      Legislation now allows some drugs to skip animal testing, but it’s unclear when, if ever, this step will be gone for good.


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