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Top Industry News: April 24-28, 2023

Home Forums *News Top Industry News: April 24-28, 2023

    • Lauren Feldman

      Medical Device Network (April 28, 2023) Scientists develop ‘vein-on-a-chip’ for blood clot research

      Scientists at the University of Birmingham are using the device to demonstrate the underlying mechanism of venous clot formation in research funded by the National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3R), British Heart Foundation and Wellcome. The device is more advanced than previous models as it can open and close valves – a key characteristic of real veins. Along with having a layer of cells inside the vessel, the vein-on-a-chip is a “realistic alternative to using animal models in research that focuses on how blood clots form” according to Dr. Alexander Brill of Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.


      Medical Xpress (April 27, 2023) Researchers create breakthrough in vascularized heart organoids

      An Australian research team led by QIMR Berghofer has succeeded in introducing a vascular system into tiny living and beating model human heart muscles, an achievement which it’s hoped will accelerate progress toward the ultimate goal of repairing damage from heart disease.


      STAT (April 24, 2023) Maryland pushes first-of-its-kind bill to promote alternatives to animals in biomedical research

      Amid a push to use fewer animals in medical research, Maryland is on the verge of becoming the first state to adopt a law that would make a dedicated investment in alternative approaches.

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