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Christopher Carman

Yes, indeed  we have evaluated a number of other clinically relevant IBD therapeutics on this system, including dexamethasone (a classic corticosteroid), Entyvio (a biologic that blocks immune cell adhesion to the endothelium) and AJM300 (a small molecule inhibitor of cell adhesion). Our early goals were to validate diverse drug types across a multitude of mechanisms of action. We have shown that all of the above show efficacy in our model with the expected MOA and that we can rank order them with respect to each other.

In addition, to selecting validated clinically relevant drugs, we also align dosing with clinically relevant Cmax (maximum blood concentration in patients) to ensure human relevant concentrations are being studied. With all of this in mind we have built confidence that this approach will be valuable for evaluating new therapeutics that our customers are developing in their IBD pipelines. In deed for the past year, we have been working with a multitude of such customers and seeing promising results.